Loop (Techno)

LOOP a techno affair which aims to bring back the raw power of this pure modernist style of synthesized soul. it is more than just a narrowly defined genre or style. It is a way of thinking. it’s the beauty of repetitive beats and rhythms that oscillates, grows, diminishes, breathes…and goes doop doopp doop dooopp, like the constant beat of your heart.

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Loopinmotion (Home)

Co-founder of Home Club, Singapore’s truly underground club.

loopinmotion is Kelvin Tan. Born in Singapore, he was schooled by the warehouse rave scene of Melbourne and is influenced by the sounds and philosophy of Detroit Techno.

Never confining himself to simply being a DJ, Kelvin Tan is a weighted player in the industry. Before returning to Singapore, he worked under then Gasp Entertainment and now The Richard Maher Agency, behind the legendary Innovator series in Melbourne, Australia. This agency was the driving force in exposing cutting edge electronic performances to the Australian-Asian region. Now infamous in promoting and representing leading names in the worldwide electronic music arena, the agency is synonymous with names such as Derrick May, Dave Angel, Kenny Larkin, Stacey Pullen, Tom Middleton, among many others.

After setting his footprints in Melbourne, he moved back to his hometown. Now a true veteran of Singapore’s dance scene, loopinmotion has been actively involved in putting on parties since the very beginning. Joining the very respected Jonathan Yeo in his new company after his 10 years residency in Zouk, Kelvin was integral to the 2 days dance music festival, Sentosa NYE 2001, with 2 equally impressive tents featuring top internationals, John Digweed (UK), Kosheen Sound System Live (UK), Christian Smith (UK), Stacey Pullen (US), Tasaka (JP) and Technasia’s Charles Siegling (FR) and top local jocks, Jonathan Yeo, Ramesh, Case Woo, The Bushmen amongst a host of other names.

Moving on to managing now defunct Kinemat with its director, Donovan Wong, Kinemat is touted to be one of Singapore’s edgiest youth activation, engagement & guerrilla marketing agency ever. During this period, Singapore was introduced to benchmark dance music series: Techno series, Techkroniq with Tresor’s Pacou (GER), DJ Bone (Detroit) and local Techno advocates; or festivals, En Route I & II with Aqua Bassino (UK), Funkstorung (Ger), Darren Price (UK), 4 Heroes (UK), Bad Boys Batucada (Aus/Bra), Currently one of the head honchos of Singapore only underground club for the past 5 years, Kelvin is not about to let up in his effort to make a contribution to shaping Singapore’s local music scene.

A multidisciplinary DJ, loopinmotion has had more than adequate experience working behind the scenes in every aspect of dance music event management and currently holding a residency at Home Club Singapore. A no-nonsense approach to putting tracks down to the floor, loopinmotion will churn out tracks with both speed and composition. Relentless, uplifting and introspective, he brings both rhythm and strings for both your feet and mind. An experience deep and uncompromising, he is a DJ who uses both experience and technical skill.

Having rocked the dancefloors of Singapore’s finest, Session @ Phuture, Sublime @ Liquid Room, Sublime @ Centro, Sublime @ Mad Monks Bar & Home Club, loop @ Home Club and loop @ Zirca Mega Club. He has played alongside a number of renowned international DJs whose styles are spread across varying genres. These include names such as Goldie (UK), LTJ Bukem (UK), Marky (BRA), Simon Digby (Aus), MC Conrad (UK), Storm (UK), Moody G (Swe), The Specialist (UK/BKK), DJ Bee (Futon, Bkk), Bradley Kaos (UK), Not Happy Jan (Aus), Bugz In The Attic (UK), Deetron (Swi), Timothy Raw (NL), Drop The Lime (US) and even Mani (UK, ex Stone Roses/Primal Scream).



“I wanted to mix. Drop the tunes. Create a story. It’s a hobby, an addiction if you wanna call it. I love the vibe of being a clubber too. I think it goes hand in hand. When I’m behind the decks, I try to do one thing. Create a singular experience for the ears, feet, mind, body & soul.”

artihc” (real name “Firman Chitra”,  crowned JUICE DJ QUEST 09 CHAMPION, hails from Singapore and has been dropping choons to both the commercially pampered and discerning ears for the past eight years. A junglist at heart, he has since the last few years, taken his love for the universal language to various level, with Minimal, Tech House, and Techno as his new soundscapes, joining the league of his usual sound of Drum & Bass, Breaks, Broken beat, Triphop and Down Tempos.

Music enables his soul to speak. You feel him when you hear him and you immediately understand the passion, love and respect he has for music. Growing up in a musical family has inevitably made him learn the art of appreciation for all types of music, from classical to pop, from electronic to dance. Once he was exposed to the clubs and parties, he couldn’t get enough of the beats. He was hooked immediately to the vibe, the crowd, the atmosphere, the exhilaration of it all. The impact of these experiences energized him and he knew one day he wanted to be able to contribute to this realm.

It was only a matter of time before he earned his first set of turntables and began practicing the art of mixing. Naturally from being just a club raver, he ventured from a Bedroom DJ, to Djs for house parties, events and eventually to established clubs and bars. His focus is always about the feeling and the realness of the music and it’s hidden message. There, he’ll put on a carefully selected track, and gladly take you all with him, with his silent technical wizardry.

Never just settling for what’s current and popular, this one-half of theloveaffair duo, fuses the underground sound with the chart-busters and floorfillers, surprising you with his soulful and melodic rhythms that slips in- between the  dark and dirty beats of  his  tech house, minimal or techno.

When not messing around with AV cables and working on his original productions,   artihc can be found regularly dropping beats at various music meccas in singapore. With gigs at Home Club, Overeasy, thewhiterabbit, the shack,  Art Bar, Azzura, Colombo (sri lanka), Velvet Underground (Zouk), Oceans27 (Bali),  plus clinching the most sought-after title within the first year since his return to the club scene,  this is just the beginning of his aural journey.


  • 2009 juice dj quest CHAMPION


  • Foundation KL
  • Stellar Music Digital Podcast
  • MESHRADIO podcast
  • Midnight Shift website
  • RCGNTN official website
  • Electrocaine podcast
  • Insing.sg


  • SHINE Club, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • supperclub Singapore
  • Zouk Singapore
  • Velvet Underground (Zouk)
  • Overeasy Bar
  • TheSHACK
  • Azzura Singapore
  • NYE at Oceans27,  Bali
  • Tanjong Beach Club, Singapore
  • Home Club
  • Loof
  • The White Rabbit
  • Art Bar
  • Blu Jaz
  • One Rochester
  • F1 Podium Lounge 2010

av neesh

Born in the island of Mauritius, he’s been surrounded by a very colourful culture and exotic music. Avneesh understands the art of combining instrumental sounds to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion which eventually earned him a residency at Supperclub Singapore in 2008. Downtempo, nu-jazz building up to 4/4 beats, groovy and funky sounds is the order of the day. He can easily transport you from the most silky smooth downtempo dinner/sundowner tunes  to the hands-in-the-air housebombs and peak-rocking techno tunes in the main room of a club.

Avneesh has been one of the most successful and respected DJ in his home country, having the opportunities to play at major events,  alongside leading DJs, be it local or international. As an individual with myriad talents, he has earned the DMC Mauritius finalist title for a turntablist competition in 2007.

Adding more to his plate;  A music producer, a Visual Jockey (VJ), a professional photographer and graphic designer who also runs his own music and graphic studio, Electrocaïne, operating both in Mauritius and Singapore, where he’s currently based.


2008 – 2009                   Resident DJ, Supperclub, Singapore

2007 – 2008                   Resident DJ, CubeRadio, www.cuberadio.net, France

2006 – 2007                   Resident DJ, RadioABF, www.radioabf.net, France

Selected Parties & Venues

2010                             Azzura, The Rabbit Hole, Hacienda, Blu Jaz,

2010                             Sheraton Four Points Mauritius, Dometeknival Mauritius

2009                             Loof, Singapore

2009                             Four Poins, Sheraton Hotel, Mauritius

2009                             Meshradio.sg, Online Guest DJ set, Singapore

2008                             Midnight Express, Mauritius

2008                             La House Rendez-Vous, Beach Festival, Mauritius

2008                             Lakepoint with Jack De Marseille, Mauritius

2007                             Flo Bar, One Fullerton, Singapore

2007                             Swissotel helipad, Chefs in Altitude, Singapore

2007                             BBBC nightclub, Singapore

2006 – 2008                AG22, Mauritius

2006 – 2008                Kitsch Pub, Mauritius

2006 – 2007                N-Gyone, Mauritius

2006                             Zouk, Pioneer DJ Quest, Singapore


2008                             L’Express Samedi, Un DJ qui a du punk, Avneesh Bacha, Mauritius

2007                             Le Matinal, Avneesh Bacha, Mauritius

ej missy

She rocks!” – techno queen/singapore doyenne of dance, Angela Flame

technicially proficient and has a good ear for music”- Dj, Producer Aldrin

“known for her cutting edge electro/minimalist beats, keep an eye out for this one, she’s gonna go real far..” – Junk magazine, KL

“one of the best female dj we’ve seen and heard so far ” – emcee and Turn-It-Up djs, joey ghazli & Gabriel Capital FM 88.9

ej’s biggest assets are her beats and how she puts them down.” KU DE TA, bali

From an avid clubber who spent most of her weekends soaking up the electronic dance music scene in Singapore and it’s region since the early ‘90s, to quite a lovely beat-serving jock behind the console (not to mention one of the most sought-after homegrown imprint Singapore has to offer),  it seems to be yet another natural progression for this self-taught dj, whose influences includes Dennis Ferrer, John Tejada, Radioslave, Brodinski, Angela Flame, Henrik Schwarz, Sascha Funke and Joris Voorn amongst others. Through her versatility she eventually developed an impeccable taste in electronic music, digitally coutoured mostly for the discerning audience.

This deckmistress who is the only local female dj so far who’ve scored the JUICE DJ Quest Champion title since it’s inception in 2002, breathes by the dj consoles, meddling diligently with downtempos, bar grooves, house, deep house, tech house, minimal techno and techno.

Also hailed as the BEST NEW DJ 2008 by Juice Singapore, EJ is considered to be one of the scene’s fastest player to secure dj slots in the most respectable music venues in Singapore within the first year of her entrance into the scene. A weekly residency at the morrocan-inspired Balcony Bar lead her to making regular appearances at Q Bar Singapore, coccolatte, dempseyHOUSE, LooF, ZOUK and various Cannery outlets, namely; PURE@Ministry of Sound, Amino, Aurum by The Clinic, and notably, Kandi Bar by Hed Kandi; pushing the eclecticness of bar grooves,  the myriad spectrums of House and the beautiful simplicity of minimal.

2008 alone has seen her nuking the clubland and packing the dancefloor in Kuala Lumpur and Colombo while embarking on a 1-year residency with the esteemed Supperclub Singapore. There, she also ran a weekly night called theloveaffair, promoting the deep, dark, driving, techy and minimal beats of house and techno, with premier dj line-ups joining forces with her. Despite still being an underground sound for the masses in this part of the globe, she managed to  garner a dedicated following of hedonistic heads tuned to her particular brand of minimal frequencies.

2009 saw her returning to Colombo and invading the music meccas in Bali. In a span of 3 nights, she was churning out sunset vibes at the legendary Ku De Ta, got housey with the house kittens at The Living Room and dropping a barrage of minimal techno and tech house for the dancefloor footsoliders at the infamous Doublesixx club. In less than  months, she returned to Bali to add mayhem to the NYE beach party at Oceans27.

EJ who strongly believes that you can buy skill but not taste, is admittedly not Magda. But she can make you cry with her deep, yet soulful melody-tinged styling, all while maintaining her diversity without compromising on her signature attitude and fluent technique, either behind the console of a bar or a dancefloor. The future already sees her expanding her music versatility while spreading her wings beyond this lil red dot.


  • 2007 juice dj quest semi-finalist
  • 2008 juice dj quest champion
  • 2008 juice dj quest regional 2nd Runner-up
  • 2008 Best New DJ (Juice Singapore)


  • Balcony Bar (2006 – 2007)
  • Amino Lounge (2006 – 2007)
  • Kandi Bar ( 2006 – 2007 )
  • Supperclub Singapore (2008- 2009)


  • Foundation KL Website
  • Balcony Bar Official Website
  • Fashion Bar Official Website
  • Stellar Music Digital Podcast
  • Massive Bali Vibrations Online Radio
  • Blentwell.com
  • Star.com.my – Feb 2006
  • JUICE magazine –  Dec 2008, july 2010
  • JUNK Magazine – July 07 Issue
  • Mixtape collective asia podcast
  • LIFTED.uk com podcast – Aug 2009
  • YES FM. Colombo
  • MESHRADIO podcast
  • Straits Times Singapore July 2009
  • KU DE TA Bali Oct 09 Online Mag
  • Midnight Shift website
  • BEAT Mag, BALI Dec 2009
  • RCGNTN.com  - Dec 2009, Feb 2010
  • Frontalifm.blogspot.com – Apr 2010
  • Insing.com – April 2010, May 2010
  • Kissmyculture.com – July 2010
  • Evolution on ubradio.net – June 2010
  • kulone.com – June 2010
  • blog.coupmusic – July 2010
  • Meshradio Thursday Night Live – August 2010


  • Balcony Bar
  • Amino Lounge
  • coccolatte
  • PURE, Ministry of Sound Singapore
  • Aurum by The Clinic (“What’s Your Poison”)
  • Kandi Bar Singapore by Hed Kandi
  • Q Bar, Lounge
  • HomeClub
  • eM Studio
  • eM Bar
  • O Bar
  • Angel’s Share
  • Hacienda Singapore
  • dempseyHOUSE
  • LOOF Bar
  • Fashion Bar
  • Thumper
  • Art Bar, Butter Factory
  • The White Rabbit, Singapore
  • Maison Club, Kuala Lumpur
  • Bar Club, Kuala Lumpur
  • Bluelights Festival,  Sri Lanka
  • SHINE Club, Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • supperclub Singapore
  • Zouk Singapore
  • Overeasy Bar
  • TheSHACK
  • Ministry of Sound, Singapore
  • Azzura Singapore
  • Tippling Club
  • Singapore F1 FUEL Festival 2009
  • Ku De Ta, Bali
  • Doublesixx , Bali
  • Thelivingroom, Bali
  • Mimolette
  • STEREOLAB Singapore
  • NYE at Oceans27, Bali
  • Velvet Underground, Zouk Singapore
  • Blu Jaz, Singapore
  • Tanjong Beach Club, Singapore
  • Zirca
  • MFO GIrl DJ bootcamp 2010, Guest Lecturer
  • FI 2010 Audi Lounge
  • NEW LOOK Fall Fashion Show 2010
  • Ying Yang
  • Infusion Bar

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