+65 (Drum+Bass)

+65, Singapore’s premiere drum and bass event, is dedicated to bringing you the freshest cuts and fattest beats from halfway across the globe and far beyond. Hosted by HOME resident NEZ and local legend Kiat (Qilin, Function, Soul:R, Hospital), expect a night of dark dirty basslines and rolling breaks from the island’s finest selectors.


DJ NEZ is an up and coming beat producer/DJ experimenting in many genres from hi-tempo drum & bass and cutting edge electronica. Having being on the underground DJ circuit for 7 years, DJ Nez has been spinning around the island at renowned nightspots, playing alongside international DJs such as GOLDIE (Metalheadz, UK) & S.P.Y. (UK), with his signature heady blend of beat and bass manipulations. Whether it is liquid rollers or dark syncopated rhythms, his versatility oscillates between rocking a crowd and providing chilled out beats for pleasure. Mainly focusing on deep, cutting-edge electronica, the newly announced resident looks set to push boundaries and forward thinking music in Singapore.


As one of South East Asia’s pioneers of the drum & bass sound, Kiat championed the darker side of electronica with quality breaks, rolling bass-lines and leftfield influences over many years. With more than 17 years of DJ-ing experience behind him, Kiat extended successfully into music production. Often intricately programmed with deep grooves hidden behind warm detroit synths and strung together by dubby bass-lines and crafted hip-hop breaks, it is no wonder that after opening for Goldie at Homeclub, Singapore, his tunes caught Goldie’s attention and were immediately courted for release on the Metalheadz’s Rufige.

Kiat’s tunes are now sought after by the top shelf DJs in the scene – Goldie, Doc Scott, Marky, Marcus Intalex, A-sides, S.P.Y., Storm, Digital , Alleycat , Bailey, Vapour, Gremlinz, London Electricty and Fabio. The Singaporean has also been featured as “Leader of the Nu-Skool” in recognised international drum & bass magazines KNOWLEDGE and ATM, and his tracks went on air on BBC’s ‘Essential mix’ on 1XTRA, BBC’s online urban music radio station.

Kiat’s recent collaboration with S.P.Y. from Brazil titled “Close Encounters” became a small success in the saturated electronica scene. With this release on Marcus Intalex’s SOUL:R label, this tune allowed the duo to expand their audiences beyond the regular drum and bass enthusiasts. As a nice affirmation, Goldie voted it as his favourite tune of the summer 2008!

In 2009, he co-wrote Black Diamonds with Sinistarr from Detroit, a journey into a more soulful realm, a refreshing departure from his heavy rollers. This tune was released on Hospital the same year on the Sick Music LP and gained huge support from Goldie, Storm, Commix, SPY amongst other headz. Later this same year, he launched Qilin, a digital music label together with stablemate The Vortex who is based in London. This label served as a platform to not only put out new artists from the world over but also for established producers to showcase their more experimental work. Not confined to drum and bass, Qilin is also looking forward to releasing music from all facets of electronica.

On music production and DJ-ing, he’s always seeking to create a soundscape to be remembered and definitely never takes the same route twice. Finding inspiration from a new breed of producers such as Low Limit and Flying Lotus as well as some minimal techno for good measure, Kiat’s DJ sets are expected to be packed with leftfield beats as well as proper dancefloor bangers.

At the start of 2010, he’s been involved with a project called Syndicate, a collective of forward thinking audio/visual artists set to push the edges of the sonic experience to a whole new level.



Vortex is easily one of the best-loved drum & bass jocks and also a pioneer in Singapore’s growing drum n bass scene. Behind the decks, Vortex’s signature blend of hard hitting beats with liquid smooth bass lines always gets the crowd grooving. Already rinsing out the dance floor with rolling sounds, Vortex can also be caught exploring dubstep, broken beats, deep house, bossa nova, funk and hip-hop. A night out with Vortex is a musical journey to look forward to.

Vortex has shared deck duties with international DJs like Goldie, Pendulum, LTJ Bukem, London Elektricity, DJ Marky, Concord Dawn, Makoto, Jenna G, Nutone, Utah Jazz and more. Vortex has also spread his sound to other cities like London, Amsterdam, Osaka, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur.

When not dropping red hot choons at the console, Vortex is packing heat with Exitmusik dot com, arguably Asia’s most respected underground music portal. The Face of Drum n Bass is also the man responsible for +65, the nation state’s own music and arts event by the people for the people.

Now based in London, Vortex is on a mission to bring his gospel of bass to a wider audience and a bigger stage. Having made a resident DJ at the infamous THEM parties at the Rhythm Factory showcasing a seamlessly hybrid mix of dubstep, grime and breaks each and every time. On the D&B front, Vortex has also gone on to be featured on the legendary D&B Arena’s D&BTV Live program alongside every single big name you can think of in the scene! And with the newly formed label, Qilin Music, with Kiat in 2009. They are now set to bring about more cutting edge talent to listeners all around the world.

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